The 16 recognized (so far) Orthodox Saints who have shined forth in North America

For most of these Saints, see here.

  • Herman of Spruce Island, Alaska – Ukrainian/Russian, monk, missionary
  • Innocent of Sitka, Alaska – Russian, married parish priest, missionary, bishop, went on to be Metropolitan of Moscow, the most influential Orthodox churchman of his time
  • Juvenaly of Iliamna and his companion: Juvenaly – Russian, priest-monk, missionary, co-proto-martyr of North America; Companion – probably Tanaina Indian, Juvenaly’s guide, church reader, co-proto-martyr of North America
  • Peter the Aleut – Kodiak Islander, young adult, martyred in San Francisco. My patron Saint!

  • Tikhon of Moscow – Russian, bishop of All North America, Patriarch of Moscow, probably martyred by Communists
  • Jacob Netsvetov – Russian/Aleut Kreol, missionary, priest
  • Alexis of Wilkes-Barre, Penna., and Minneapolis, Minn. – Carpatho-Russian, convert, missionary, married priest
  • Alexander Hotovitzky – Russian, priest, missionary, martyred by Communists
  • John of Chicago – Russian, priest, missionary, martyred by Communists
  • Raphael of Brooklyn – Syro-Arab, monk, scholar, missionary, first Orthodox bishop consecrated in the Americas
  • Basil Martysz* – Polish, married priest, martyred by thugs in WW2 Poland (*-links to secure server)
  • Nicolai of So. Canaan, Penna., and Ohrid and Zhitsa, Yugoslavia – Serbian, bishop, scholar, concentration- camp survivor, “the New Chrysostom”
  • John of Shanghai, China, and San Francisco, Calif. – Russian, bishop
  • Arseny of So. Canaan, Penna., and Winnipeg, Canada – Russian, married priest, monk, missionary, bishop, founded first Orthodox monastery in Americas, and a seminary
  • Varnava of Serbia – Serbian-American, born in Gary, Indiana. I can’t find any more about him! UPDATE: Go here.

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