‘The Orthodox Psychiatric Association’

To underline the Orthodox self-image as opposed to a religious sect, the late Fr. John Romanides once compared the local parish or diocese to a clinic, and the Councils of the Church to gatherings of healing professionals like an ‘Orthodox Psychiatric Association‘ (my terminology). He went so far as to say that Orthodoxy didn’t so much become an ‘official religion’ of the Roman Empire, as the norm for healing and for distinguishing legitimate, true healers of soul and society, from quacks! And this became supported by Roman law, just like modern “medicine” and “psychiatry” are supported by national and state laws. Hence, per Fr. John, “[W]ords and concepts which do not contradict the experience of glorification and which lead to purification and illumination of the heart and glorification are Orthodox. Words and concepts which contradict glorification and lead away from cure and perfection in Christ are heretical.”

Just another glimpse into the Orthodox mind!


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