(UPDATED 10 March 2008.)

Adding to my previous thought, by abortion I mean any intentional killing of an unborn human being, whether because they don’t want the baby, or because they want the embryonic stem cells without which the baby dies.

And I’m not forcing my religion on others: This is America, and this change must be made legally, ‘democratically.’ (And it should go without saying, nonviolently.)

I’d add a link to an Anti-Abortion Constitutional Amendment, but apparently there are a couple hundred floating around out there, and no single one is THE one. How about simply: “This Constitution shall not be construed so as to recognize a right to kill or lethally harvest from a human being, from fertilization by any method, through birth, except in a case of ectopic pregnancy, or a pregnancy which qualified medical doctors believe poses a direct threat to the life of the woman”? Just a few clear, simple words.

Again, sorry if this is ‘too political,’ but I believed it had to be said.


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