St. John Chrysostom said nobody is colder than the Christian unconcerned about others’ salvation. And salvation is what this blog is about, not ‘sheep-stealing.’ We Orthodox don’t compete to be a ‘nicer’ or better denomination than the one you may be in; we believe that through the Mercy of God alone, the Holy Catholic Apostolic Orthodox Church is “the ark [boat, ship] of salvation,” the “hospital” for the cure of every soul. There are no ‘outer limits’ to God’s care for human beings, but we have the certitude of faith and the experience of the ages, that He acts most abundantly here. Here He offers so many ways to cure the sicknesses of the human soul, ways not fully present anywhere else. Joining the Orthodox Church doesn’t guarantee your salvation; it’s only the beginning. There may well be Orthodox in hell; you must – *I* must – take advantage of the means of cure, the ‘therapies’ on offer here, to bring myself in tune with God’s Divine Energies, or I will be lost. The Mysteries of Baptism or Chrismation are among those therapies, so a convert starts out well, but needs to follow-through for life. Hopefully we grow in our love for God so that we want to come more in tune with Him by as many as possible of the ways the Orthodox Church makes available – or rather, that God makes available here.

Please, try it. Visit an Orthodox Church. Talk to an Orthodox priest. You have nothing to lose.

On the other hand, we Orthodox are not to feel compelled to, as it were, force you into the Church, like some Christian denominational proselytizers. We treat you like an adult. We offer you our love and the Good News of God in the Orthodox Church, pray, and leave the choice to you.

May God bless you.


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