Not just me and God

The Reign of God that is in the process of coming, isn’t just about God by Himself, but about us with God. It’s not a dictatorship, but a marriage — the wedding feast and its consummation: the Spirit and the Bride/Church say, “Come!” (Rev. 22:17). It’s not just about God’s Uncreated Divine Energies, but also our created energies in harmony therewith. And not just the Church on Earth but also the Angels and departed Saints and their harmony with God’s Energies, and their praying and striving for us. Orthodoxy realizes the cosmos is crammed full of life created and sought out by God. We don’t merge into God’s Essence like some faiths teach; we remain distinct from Him, though hopefully in harmony with Him in His Energies.

Before there was “science,” there was Orthodoxy. Just as science seeks to spread its knowledge because it believes it’s the truth, Orthodoxy believes it has vital information about the cosmos that human beings must know, that their lives depend on it. We don’t seek to merely increase our denominational numbers of sheep, but to advance The Truth, which is none other than Christ the Lord Himself, our Divine Spouse. Just like you need to know that gravity makes apples fall down and the Earth circles the Sun, you need to know the things Orthodoxy teaches…even more pragmatically, because lots of people died without knowing the Earth circles the Sun, but they’ve all learned that Paradise is harmony with the Divine Energies.


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