Saint from Another Day: January 25, Gregory the Theologian (Nazianzen)

(Technically St. Gregory Nazianzen is the father of St. Gregory the Theologian, but the Theologian is better known in the West as Nazianzen.)

From Day by Day with the Early Church Fathers, p. 208:

Even fearful things are useful and very valuable to the wise. For although we pray that they wouldn’t happen, when they do they instruct us. The afflicted soul, as Peter says, is near to God. Those who escape danger are brought closer to the One who preserved them. So then, don’t be frustrated that we had to struggle, but give thanks that we were saved. Don’t be one thing to God in the time of peril and another when the danger is over. Instead, resolve to follow the One who preserved you whether you are at home or away, in private life or in public office. Attach yourself to His side and don’t think much of earth’s little concerns. Let those who come after us, tell our story not only for our glory and the benefit of our soul, but as a very useful lesson to everyone else – that danger is better than security and misfortune is preferable to success. For if we belonged to the world before our fears, after them we belong to God.


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