Orthodox Saints of Western Europe

Generally speaking, we consider Western Christendom to have been Orthodox until the usual cut-off date of 1054. Some Orthodox question the Orthodoxy of some Westerners even prior to this date, and others argue that certain Western persons or places can be considered Orthodox even some relatively short amount of time after this date.

That said, here are some actual icons of Western (mostly-) Orthodox Saints. (FYI, the folks behind that website are not generally considered “canonical,” but not all that bad either.)

This British Antiochian page has info on a few English and Irish Orthodox Saints.

Here are claimed 10,000(!) “Latin Saints of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Rome,” from a ROCOR site in Britain. (Linked is the intro page; it’s long and political; the listings are linked alphabetically at the top of the page.)

My parish is actually named for 4 Roman martyrs….

Among my own Irish kin are some of the Orthodox Saints mentioned here (and one episcopocide!), alongside Brigid of Kildare, not to mention the great David of Wales and at least one of the Three Holy Families of (Celtic) Britain (OK, not Irish, but Deise-descended!).

More to come!


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