St. Tikhon’s Pilgrimage 2006

If you’re within a day of Scranton, Pennsylvania, I recommend the annual Memorial Day Weekend Pilgrimage to St. Tikhon of Zadonsk Monastery (OCA) in South Canaan, Pa.* Here’s the schedule. It mentions something about St. Tikhon’s relics being there, too. The big day is Monday, Memorial Day itself, with Hierarchical Divine Liturgy with many Bishops at midmorning, lunch available for purchase, and an Anointing Service afterward. I was last able to make it in 2002, when they had the Wonderworking Icon Our Lady of Pochaev, Ukraine, on hand…and I experienced a small miracle…and I wasn’t even Orthodox yet! (A lovely tile mosaic of the Pochaev icon may be seen in Fr. Naum’s Hut just off the Monastery Church. I pray there whenever I visit the Monastery.)

(NB–The Anointing offered is a Mystery [sacrament] of the Church, so I think you have to be Orthodox to receive it. I didn’t hang around 4 years ago to find out for sure because by that hour I’d already had a very long day, and many miles yet before I slept!)

(*–Their printed directions include Cortez Road, which I find long and very hairy driving, and I’m a really patient driver. If you prefer, you can also get there by taking I-81 to US Route 6 east to the light in Waymart, Pa. Turn right onto Pa. Rte. 296 South, and proceed about 5.5 miles to the intersection with Cortez Rd./St. Tikhon’s Rd. There’s no stop sign, and it’s visually tricky [Is nothing easy?!!], but you’ll see a defunct gas station ahead on your right. Turn left onto St. Tikhon’s Rd. and proceed a couple minutes until you see signs for the Seminary and the Monastery on both sides of the road. During the Pilgrimage they may have you park anywhere, but if you’re disabled tell them and they may put you someplace better. Godspeed, John Glenn!)


  1. Dcn. Andrew

    St. Tikhon’s relics are always there, but they are not the major part of his relics. Rather, they are only very small pieces such as one would find in most little hand-held reliquaries.

    –Dcn. Andrew, St. Tikhon’s seminarian

  2. Leo Peter O'Filon

    Father Deacon Andrew,

    Thanks for the clarification!

    Leo Peter

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