From St. Nicholai (Velimirovic) of South Canaan (Pennsylvania), Ohrid, and Zhicha (Patriarchate of Serbia) – “The Serbian Chrysostom” – from The Prolog of Ohrid, excerpted in The Bible and the Holy Fathers for Orthodox, ed. Johanna Manley, p. 1056:

If human philosophy can content a man, why did the philosophers Justin and Origen become Christians? Why did Basil and Chrysostom and Gregory, who had in Athens studied all Hellenic philosophy receive baptism? And Blessed Augustine, who was familiar with Hellenic and Roman wisdom – why did he throw everything aside and seek salvation and light in the Christian faith? And St. Clement of Rome, who was very rich and very learned? And St. Catherine, who was of the royal house and learned in all the secular knowledge of Egypt? And Joasaph, the heir of India, who was versed in the whole of Indian philosophy? And so many, many others who first sought an explanation for the enigmas of the world and light for their souls in philosophy, and then drew near to the Church and came to worship Christ the Lord.


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