Worse Technical Difficulties

Sorry for the deletion of my Profile and mug shot that formerly appeared at top-right, but Blogger neglected to inform me before forcing me to migrate my blog to their new software (to call it an upgrade, as they do, might not be entirely in keeping with the truth, as my Quaker friends might put it!), that their recommended method would result in a major violation of my privacy, to say the least. My only option, for now, seems to be to hide it entirely. But it didn’t really contain much useful information – to honest readers, anyway – and the highlights I’ve transferred to the title box at top.

I was working on a “Faith Journey” post, anyway, which of course wouldn’t fit in the profile! I hope to get that up here before much longer.

Just because they’re providing a free service, they think you’re at their mercy: not a socially just way of providing even a free service, IMHO!

So that any of you so inclined may be better-informed, here’s the gorey details. I have another Blogger blog (‘posts not of this blog’!!), which I “migrated” to Blogger’s new setup the other day when they finally forced me to. (We don’t need no stinking betas!) I publish it using a pseudonym for reasons of personal privacy, to say the least. (Don’t worry, nothing dirty or criminal!!) Then just now they forced me to migrate this one too, without warning me (or anyone else – it’s actually becoming quite a controversy in the Blogger.com community, which they seem to be totally ignoring) that if I migrated it to the same new account as my other blog, this blog’s Profile would be automatically replaced by the one from the other blog! This is especially sensitive for several reasons, including that I post this blog under my real name, and include actual personal information – as I consider proper considering what it is I’m doing here – but which for several hours today could have been associated also with my other, pseudonymous blog, which itself includes little or no useful personal information. What Blogger and/or Google – whose alleged involvement is a mystery to me – need to do is make it possible for blogs mistakenly hooked together in this switchover process to be re-separated and set-up under Google via separate accounts. OR – which would be more convenient in the short term – to allow more than one Profile – more than one “identity,” basically – under the same Google account. (I knew it was too easy to post back-and-forth between the two blogs at will via the new combined “dashboard” for the few hours that I did so before discovering this major glitch; ya don’t get nuthin’ for nuthin’!; “the devil” [so to speak] is in the details!) In any case, you would think that since many blogs aren’t personal at all but work-related or in some other way published by a ‘group entity’ that may outlive the individual human being who happened to create the blog/Google account, they wouldn’t make it impossible to change “owners” like they have, which would be a key to my first proposed solution.

SO…if you have more than one Blogger blog and haven’t migrated to Google yet, keep in mind that if you need to maintain separate identities, you need to migrate the blogs under separate email addresses/Google accounts!

“Garbage in, Garbage out!”


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