A Question for Beijing

If as said here, the People’s Republic of China’s government’s non-recognition (thus far) of the Orthodox Church is based on concern about foreign influence, what’s their approval of Protestant and Muslim organizations based on?!!! Protestantism is clearly Western, mostly American – “One more Christian is one less Chinese” – and Islam has ties all over…the Muslim World! And where do they think the Holy Orders of the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association come from, that in Catholic eyes make them Catholic???

Not that I want them to make life more difficult for Chinese Muslims, Protestants, and Catholics…just easier for Orthodox. A resurrection of the Autonomous Orthodox Church of China would have more legitimacy in Orthodox eyes than the “official” Catholic and many Protestant bodies in the PRC have for their colleagues in the underground and overseas, thanks to Orthodoxy’s traditions of local Church autonomy and coping with non-Orthodox governments…. Just allow some Greek or Russian bishop to ordain some Chinese clergy, like the ones studying in Russia right now, and in a few years, if God provides, a couple bishops, and the Chinese Orthodox Church would be off-and-running again, simple!


  1. Anonymous

    thank you for this post! asking for your prayers for Orthodox Church of China, archpriest Dionisy Pozdnyaev dozdnyaev @ yahoo.com

  2. Under Protest

    Father Bless!

    Lord Have Mercy on the Orthodox of China, past, present, and future! And Many Years to Fr. Dionisy! And, “Through the prayers of the Holy Chinese Martyrs, O Christ God, be merciful unto us and save us!”

    –Leo Peter

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