CLARIFICATION: "No Laws of Nature"

As I mentioned here a couple years ago [Wow, have I been doing this two years now?!], Fr. John Romanides once said there are no “laws of nature,” only the reliability of God’s Uncreated Energies at work sustaining everything in existence. But this only makes sense o/Orthodoxly if we avoid mistaking the (created) energies of created things for the Uncreated Energies of the Uncreated Trinity. Since creatures are in their energies just as God is in His, this would be tantamount to idolatry, worshiping the created rather than the Creator…or at least, in addition to Him – “strange gods beside Me.” So the science so-called that studies (fallen human perceptions of) “laws of nature” is indeed studying created energies and attributes – but created energies that are in complete harmony with God’s Uncreated Energies, as observed in the classic Orthodox prayer, “All things obey You, I do not.”

(Although it is also true in Orthodoxy that human sin ‘crashed’ all of nature as well as humanity – all ‘createds.’ Nature doesn’t ‘sin,’ but participates in human sinfulness, i.e., self-distancing from God Our Beloved. In Genesis humans and all animals were at first vegetarians, and only later started killing and/or eating each other, by God’s condescending [i.e., economic] permission…which, if I know us, we didn’t really wait for!!! This paradox in Orthodox theology may be one of those areas where we can’t neatly sum-up the truth propositionally like we Westerners are used to [wrongly], merely try to put up guiderails to keep ourselves from falling off the Way. ‘Is nature as it was? Yes and no.’ The important thing is that we humans aspire to bring OUR [created] energies back into harmony with God’s Uncreated Energies, His attributes and activities in the world, by the ‘medicine’ Orthodoxy by God’s Graciousness provides to all.)

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