Bright Week Morning and Evening Prayers

Looking ahead to next Sunday through the following Sunday, when the prayers – actually a short Service – called “The Hours of Holy Pascha” are substituted for Morning and Evening Prayers, even on one’s own. You may find them by going here, and then, in the upper-left frame, scroll down to “Pascha” and click on it. This will bring the lower-left frame to its Pascha section. At the bottom of this section, the 12th item after the word Pascha, is the word Hours. Click on it, and the Hours of Pascha will appear in the main frame. (The site doesn’t seem to allow linking directly to content.)

(Some say Antiochians do the Paschal Hours all the way till Pentecost. That’d be nice! Well, maybe till Ascension Eve…) Also note that we don’t pray the O Heavenly King between Pascha and Pentecost/Trinity Sunday. Also, between Pascha and Ascension Thursday, for the O Heavenly King and the O Come Let Us Worship (another frequently-used brief prayer), we substitute the Paschal Troparion, thrice each time: “Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tombs bestowing life!”


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