Birthday Iconograms

Ta Criost aiseirithe! Aiseirithe go fior!, a service related to the Greek Archdiocese of America, is a source of some neat Orthodox (and other) *free* e-greetings. But for someone’s birthday, they make you work a little: enter the person’s patron saint’s name (and/or other similar search criteria) into the Search box and see if they give you any hits. When you select an icon, you’ll have a chance to choose a “Category,” one of which is “Birthday.” Next, under “Title,” it offers a choice between “Happy Birthday” and “Many Blessings.” (Just don’t send “Many Blessings” to a priest or Bishop, since it’s their liturgical – and general – role to give blessings, and laypeople’s to receive them. How blessed are we!)

They explained to me that they don’t offer Birthday as a choice up-front in favor of Nameday, which is more in keeping with Tradition and traditions in Orthodox cultures.


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