Vatican Panel Pans Limbo

There’s not enough info in this AOL article (link will eventually break) to say if the “hope” they’re now holding out for unborn babies (and others?) moves in an o/Orthodox direction – especially if, as mentioned, it cites “developments in the last 50 years”… as opposed to the first few centuries! But it sounds close!

To clarify – and the article does mention this – limbo was never an official Latin doctrine, merely a very widely-held theological opinion, one of those ‘logical conclusions’ Latin religious philosophy is so much about. Therefore, this isn’t so much a “reversed teaching” as a new drift in high-level theological opining.

There’s probably more info in the full article/document from “Origins” at the Catholic News Service (formerly National Catholic News Service or NC News), as they mention, but since I don’t subscribe, I can’t say for sure.

And again, to be clear, Orthodoxy teaches that nobody will ever have “beatific vision,” ie, seeing God in His Essence, since that is impossible for creatures – ‘just’ His Glory/Energies, which is all that’s available to us… but as infinite as God Himself is.


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