Prominent Canadian Anglican philosopher not far from Orthodoxy

This is only the first part of a planned multi-part article on George Parkin Grant, who was brought near Orthodoxy by Plato and Simone Weil. Its author, Ron Dart, is a friend of Archbishop LAZAR (Puhalo) of New Ostrog. The article points to questions Grant raised about the secularized, rationalized approach of much modern Western philosophy, and its influence on Western Christian theology, in particular in his own Anglican Communion and the Anglican Church of Canada.

Grant was mentor to Spencer Estabrooks, Director of the new St. Arseny Orthodox Christian Theological Institute (OCA) in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, who reports Grant might have converted to Orthodoxy if he had been able to find an English-speaking parish when and where he was looking.

(FYI, sometimes Canadian writers use the word liberal in the classical sense that encompasses most of U.S. politico-cultural discourse, both what we’re used to thinking of as “liberal” and “conservative”… actually alot like the liberal in the term “liberal democracy.” In such cases conservative might denote tendencies such as monarchism, High Church orthodoxy if not Orthodoxy, balancing individualism with the Common Good, balancing ‘progress’ with tradition, religious faith, greater trust in ‘the wisdom of the ages,’ a more traditional morality, a reduced profit motive, true compassion, etc. Just to avoid confusion.)


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