Possible miracle in Australia

Thanks to Rachel’s blog for bringing this to my attention: an Orthodox family in Sydney claims walls weeping with scented oil, and strange ash/charcoal appearing in the house, in the wake of their teenage son’s death in a car crash.

Her post includes two TV news reports, one emphasizing a certain “skeptic” who doesn’t seem well-informed at all. You’d think skeptics would be better-informed than that, lest they make fools of themselves! And maybe I’m too PC, but as a veteran American broadcast journalist, *I’d* sound more neutral than the two anchorpersons do in introducing the reports. Maybe it’s the greater ‘secularity’ of Australian society?

  1. Rachi

    Yes, it was an Orthodox family, at first the Orthodox church were skeptical (!) so the family went to a Catholic priest, then later the Orthodox became involved again.

    These are the 2 main/popular current affairs shows on in Australia- and they both suck! I stopped watching them because most of the time they deal with crap. Perhaps that has something to do with presentation?

    anyway, thanks for the link 🙂
    love Rachel xoxo

  2. me

    Thanks Rachel! 🙂 I’ve edited my original.

    Take care,
    Leo Peter

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