Liturgy is everybody’s heritage!

Even Protestants, for most of Reformation history. See here from the blog of an Antiochian Orthodox missionary priest Down Under.


  1. Rachi

    Lol, would you believe Fr John is one of the priests from my church!! he is starting new missions in Melbourne, I am supposed to be helping to get their choir going but am unable to until uni finishes!
    I didnt know he’d started a few blogs- the first post on his other blog is even a link to me!

    it’s a small world, that’s twice I’ve linked in with someone I know in Aus through someone on the net!

  2. me

    Small Church, anyway, at least in the English-speaking world! Now if we were Russians we’d have tens of millions of people for company!!

    Take care of yourself, and hang in there, school’s almost over! 🙂

    -Leo Peter

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