"Why Pagans Aren’t Really Pagan;" Christmas; Low Churches; and How to Talk About Orthodoxy(!)

Out-of-season, but not in all ways, since I’m here ‘talking about Orthodoxy’ and all… and Neo-Pagans are always somewhere around! I’m not sure about all the alleged facts on this page, and take strong exception to one Commenter’s endorsement of the genocide of the Aztecs no matter what they are alleged to have been doing. But the general thrust of Fr. Stephen Freeman’s article and many of the responses is helpful for me. And yes, I’m still drafting my own “faith journey,” but I’m afraid it’s gonna be terribly ‘cerebral’! 😉

(Not that anyone’s asked…! Or needs to…. I think the blogosphere is like the saying I once heard: “Some people can speak at the drop of a hat; he brings his own hat!” And no, it wasn’t about me… then!)

(Oh, and about Pagans… maybe that’s one reason they’re called Neo-Pagans? But there are some who claim to be “Orthodox Pagans,” though I haven’t studied them at all, just saw it on a T-shirt once, I think at a Louisville Irish Fest at Bellarmine College – er, University! – in Kentucky about a decade ago, over with the Society for Creative Anachronism folks; maybe that should tell me something?!! Of course, Fr. John Romanides would say pre-Judeo-Christianity IS “religion,” and the Gospel – Old Testament and New – is its CURE…. Maybe a different perspective, different topics of discussion, different contexts, etc. Or maybe that’s just the kind of thing to expect from a half-pagan Irish Catholic/ Native American “both/and” Orthodox like me!!! 😉 )


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