Protestants for Patristics; Fragmentation of Scripture studies

Looks like I finished with Protestant seminaries too soon: I was not aware of the “Paleo-Orthodox” Movement as such! (The first one discussed at the link, not the second one, which just sounds like more neo-con Fundamentalism.)

Though something I can’t recall made me think the other day* that with Latin re-appreciation of Scripture in the last 50 years or so, what’s happened is they’ve just become as fragmented as Protestant Scripture scholars and preachers and ‘schools of thought’ now, all over the map, “like sheep without a shepherd.” Each new writer or professor believes they’ve discovered The Key, yet so few look back to those who first gave us the keys. This approach doesn’t bring Christians together, but drives them apart. What sense it would make for both groups to return to the men and women inspired by the vision of the Glory of God to canonize the New Testament, re-affirm the Old Testament, and “break open the Scriptures” in the ways that indicated the way to the Truth, the Way, and the Life.

If you open your mind, you’ll see that this is even “relevant,” “political,” “environmental”… though perhaps not in ways those “social scientists” or “philosophers” who may be unbelieving, are thinking….

*–UPDATE 23 SEPTEMBER 2007: I found what it was: a quote from the late Fr. John Meyendorff (from his book Catholicity and the Church) on a bookmark I just received from St. Vladimir’s Seminary:

There is no way to remain faithful to the Gospel without learning how the Fathers defended it, and without sharing in their struggle to make it accessible.

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