Another Blogger warning

I’m starting to wonder if Blogger is worth the trouble! But FYI, if you go to edit an article already posted in Blogger, the version Blogger puts up on your screen to edit may not be the current published version, but a previous version! So double-check the whole thing in detail visually before re-posting it, or else you’ll have lots more editing to do – your original version LOST! It may help to reload/refresh the Edit page, but even then, re-inspect the version the reload gives you, to make sure. You would think “Edit Post” would allow you to… EDIT POST!… not a previous version OF post… but they haven’t actually set it up that way in all circumstances at this time.

It seems it may be a better idea to compose offline and not bother with Blogger’s issues. But usually I don’t think of that until I’ve spent half an hour wrestling with Blogger, like just now!!!

OK, now I’m getting paranoid: Blogger posted this post without the body-copy, just the heading!

Blogger also seems to have issues regarding skipping a line between paragraphs: sometimes it doesn’t do it at all, and sometimes it throws in an extra skip, regardless of what the HTML would seem to tell it to do!

ISTM this is basic stuff that, if *I* were launching a blog-publishing service, even a free one, I’d make sure about in advance! “But that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong….”


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