The same person offered this reflection on Orthodox church (temple) architecture (curly brackets by me):

Everything about the church is designed to make us think of God. The churches (unless purchased from another church) are built in the shape of a cross. You walk in where the base of the cross would be. The entrance to the {nave} is at the base of where Christs’ feet would be and the {altar or sanctuary area}, where only the priests go, is where Christs’ head an crown {of thorns} would be.

If you look up in an Orthodox (or old Catholic church) you see the face of Christ and angels depicted. The angels often don’t have faces– I think that these are the Serafin.

Incense in the church flows upward to where Heaven symbolically is. We light candles that represent us (the wax,) melting to God’s will (the heat) which comes from light (God.) The wick is our passion burning for God.


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