Not committing to WordPress

Yet.  I just realized that I’d get a better sense of traffic if I copied everything over here.  Thankfully it didn’t take all day like last time!!!

Also, note that WordPress monthly archive pages only give the first few lines of a post; you have to click on the post’s title to see the whole thing.  That’s a little weird.  In addition, archive-page posts are unformatted; sometimes with me formatting is an important part of comprehension, like deciding if you’re gonna click through and read the rest of it.  But Google seems to list the single-page versions here vs. Blogger.  And maybe WordPress’ use of tags and categories also helps better.  We shall see….


  1. I started a WordPress just over a year ago because I was annoyed with all the things that has stopped working with blogger, but I didn’t move my Blogger blog over. There are still some things that Blogger does better (when they work).

    But I’ve noticed that more people do read my WordPress blog. I’m not quite sure why that is, though.

    And I found your WordPress blog (through tag surfing), though I don’t remember seeing your Blogger one.

  2. Leo Peter O'Filon

    Welcome! I actually got from you the idea to finally explore the use of tags like everybody was talking about, in particular the “Orthodox mission” tag. Alot of good it did over at Blogger, apparently!

    And now that I’m commenting to my own blog, I see that I can’t preview comments here like on Blogger. Not a biggie, though….

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