For Lenten almsgiving, consider the following:

Metropolitan Archbishop PAUL of the Antiochian Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand, in announcing the reception of the 6,000 in the Philippines on their website, requested donations to help with things there. He listed a bank account number for wire transfers, but in case those are costly for you internationally, I emailed him about sending a check the old-fashioned way. He says to make it out to “Archbishop Paul Saliba” and mail it addressed as follows:

Archbishop Paul Saliba
2 Brampton Avenue
Illawong NSW 2234

He says he personally has an account in US dollars, but the Archdiocese does not, so if we send them made out to him personally, he will exchange them.

According to the Archdiocese’s former website, he’s 68 years old, from Lebanon, studied in Greece, and studied and worked here in the States from ’68-99, including qualifying as an alcohol and drug addiction counselor to help parishioners and other Orthodox in the DC area, where he spent 20 years. According to Orthodoxwiki, the Archdiocese went from 6 parishes in ’99 to 34 last year, to which we can now add about an equal number in the Philippines!

  1. As a Filipino Orthodox I cannot take joy in this historic Philippine event for the simple reason that this Antiochian intrusion to the territorial jurisdiction of Constantinople is is an outright and intentional violation of the Canons {Edited by Moderator}.

  2. Leo Peter O'Filon

    Welcome Gregory!

    I’m happy to report it doesn’t seem as bad as all that now. Please see the presbyteral report brought to my attention here.

    Leo Peter

  3. George

    I’m afraid I’m not convinced. And neither are the Philippine converts with whom I’m in contact. All you have provided is the Antiochian perspective which basically says no more than “Things are more complex than that, and you are all just ignorant, just p,m the Metropolitan in charge of the Antiochian incursion into the jurisdiction of the Canonical Orthodox Church in the Philippines (OMHKSEA), the same Metropolitan who in December 2008 unilaterally declared himself to be the Archbishop of Australia, New Zealand “and the Philippines”.
    Old Website:
    New Website:

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  5. Leo Peter O'Filon

    Greetings, George! I’m sorry I’ve only been able to catch up on my Comments now. I don’t have the wherewithal to do the kind of investigative journalism I used to do when I lived in the region I was covering professionally, and I’m thousands of miles from the Western Pacific, so I can only pass along what Orthodox Church assurances are available to me … often few. I don’t see my job in this blog as convincing one part of The Orthodox Church for or against another, God have mercy on me. But the way I look at it, we don’t need the moment-by-moment “certitude” that an authoritarian Church leader would provide, but the Truth of Empirical Orthodoxy, and so God allows us time to work things out and find our way in Him and His Body The Orthodox Church. Think of the centuries fighting over Arianism, Iconoclasm, etc.! When in doubt, pray; when not in doubt, pray.

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