Philippine jurisdictions: The rest of the story

Because Gregory raised the issue that was certainly in the back (or front!) of many other people’s minds about there now being two jurisdictions working in The Philippines, I’m pleased to offer more details that have become available from a priest in Australia (third-hand … or fourth? … from another web forum):

What is happening in the Philippines is great news of the Holy Spirit’s actions, so it is a little disappointing that some people jump to conclusions without even finding out the facts first. What happened to Orthodox charity and “believing the best”?

The facts are that the negotiations between the EP {ie, the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople} and Met. Paul and {the Patriarchate of} Antioch have been long and far more complex than stated here. Secondly there is a very cordial working agreement, not animosity as suggested here at times. Thirdly, in no canonical sense have non_Orthodox been made “vicars”, however, that term has been used out of respect for current evangelical leaders position.

Fourthly, while everyone is aware of the problem of the overlapping of jurisdictions (we have it here in Australia too), Antioch (and the EP) work pragmatically *now* despite this, while working to resolve this uncanonical situation in the *future*.

Fifthly, the services have been modified to make them Orthodox. Antioch has always had a broader range of services than some other jurisdictions. Really, assuming that a bishop would overlook this is a sad reflection on lay distrust of bishops.

People should not read bad motives, uncanonical intent nor unOrthodox actions into anything that has happened.

Next time you want to know things, please do not post such questions on the internet- ask Met. Paul first, then this will save many wasted hours of passing around uninformed opinion and sheer gossip. Gossip is not Orthodox. Those who asked genuine questions without gossip should also email Met. Paul or whoever in future. Otherwise you can just add to speculation and feed the argumentative types 😦

in Christ,
Fr. John D’Alton, Antiochian Orthodox, Australia,
writing as a priest, not in any official capacity for the archdiocese.

Christos anesti!  Alithos anesti!
El Massieh kahm! Hakken kahm!


  1. John of Caloocan

    Thank you for publishing this.

    {Edited by Moderator}

    As His Eminence Metropolitan Paul Saliba, Primate of the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand recently wrote:

    “The work of the Lord is moving in the Philippines , with the grace of the Holy Spirit, and nothing can stop it.”

    May God bless the the Orthodox faithful in the Philippines!

  2. Father Methodios

    Dear Father John,
    Greetings from the Holy Theotokos Antiochian Orthodox Mission in the Philippines.
    I am one of the priests of Archbishop Paul Saliba. Before joining the Antiochian Church, I was with the Greek Orthodox(EP) as a reader.I have great respect for the Greek Orthodox. I learned a lot from them and appreciated their generosity. I enjoyed attending the Divine Liturgy especially the songs of the liturgy.One of them sang like Pavaroti.
    But with the Greek Orthodox doing mission in the Philippines, I believe the growth of the Orthodox Church will be very very slow. Now with the additional presence of the Antiochian Orthodox Church, the growth of the Orthodox will be rapid. Priests like Father Mark Simeon are excellent Orthodox missionary.

  3. Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!
    I was born and raised a Roman Catholic but every time I heard or every time I encountered some books of references I used to be amazed and fascinated of the goodness, solemnity and simplicity of the Orthodoxy practices. I have never been attended to their services or even talked to any of their clergies, I just found my self keep on watching the services in the internet, tapes, because there nothing here for us to go to and attend the liturgical prayers and services and be converted, because I believe more on the credibility and its validity though they have they same Apostolic Line of Succession of the Good Lord Jesus Christ. Anybody here can give me a contact number or an e-mail to have a communication with them and to find some of their community services near in my area,. I’m from Pasig City, Philippines and my contact number is +632-9168852, my e-mail add,
    Thanks and more blessings to come to the Orthodox Christians in the world. In the name of the father, the son and the Holy Ghost, Amen

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