As an old science and science-fiction fan and occasional listener to Coast-to-Coast AM and viewer of The X-Files – for years I even thought I had seen one of the “famous” Hudson Valley UFOs over Hartsdale, NY, in the ’80s, after returning to my office at WFAS Radio from covering a local town council meeting one night – I was intrigued to read this Orthodox allegation that “space aliens” are nothing more – or less – than devils.  I came across a similar article a few years ago that detailed more than Fr. Alexey does that some of the tortures reported by “alien abductees” are alot like those from Orthodox spiritual literature going way back, even including the sexual or reproductive weirdness.  Apparently one can find numerous modern Orthodox essays on this topic on the WWW now … most extemely spooky and intimidating … way beyond the common “conservative” allegation that it’s funny how aliens always seem to be quasi-Buddhists or New Agers leading people away from traditional Christianity.

I don’t know what to make of it, so I just report it here for what it’s worth.  Caution is to be encouraged.  The ancient Fathers and Mothers of the Orthodox Church are to be mostly trusted.

It *is* said in parts of ‘the UFO community’ that UFOs don’t appear to people who believe they exist, only to skeptics.  What purpose would a relatively simple belief in aliens – not reverence or deference or following “New Age” or anything – serve the evil one?  Not that I wanna find out!!!  These experiences seem to be powerful temptations and/or victimizations.

Of course, God allows evil that good may come from it – but that’s no guarantee that we weak, myopic humans will succeed in bringing that good, or that God doing so Himself will be accepted by us!  So, don’t mess with non-Orthodox “spiritual” or potentially-spiritual stuff, eh!  The devil has even fooled Fathers of the Church, “appearing as an angel of light”!

Is there anything wrong with just enjoying good sci-fi though?  I hope not.  But I don’t know what I’m talking about!


  1. wand777

    ever heard of the Nephalim?

    worth checking out

  2. They may just as well be angels, just checking out who is naughty and who is nice.

  3. Fr John D'Alton

    Christ is risen. Enjoying your blog.
    Actually the theory about UFOS and aliens being demons is quite old. I even read it by a non-Orthodox back in the 70s – John Keel I think. You can also read blessed Fr Seraphim Rose on “The religion of the future” on this. much info. Demons try to trick people into believing in anythuing other than Christ!
    in Christ,
    Fr John

  4. Leo Peter O'Filon

    Fr. John,

    Indeed He is Risen! Thanks! I’ll just underline what you said about, “Demons try to trick people into believing in anything other than Christ!”


    Ah, yes, the Nephilim. I can’t locate Chalcedonian Orthodox input about this passage, and will defer to one who knows better than I, or perhaps has invested in the just-released Orthodox Study Bible including Old Testament: I can’t imagine they let this one go without a footnote.

    UFO Pilgrim,

    Not with them being so “naughty” themselves! Certainly angels have free will just like we do – they did when some of them rebelled with Lucifer. Actually AFAIK there’s no ‘species’ difference between angels and devils like Western art and thought might seem to make us believe;* devils are simply fallen angels, just like we are fallen humans, not physically changed, ‘merely’ having forsaken God-like-ness. So ISTM angels behaving like some reported “aliens,” if they weren’t fallen before, fell then!

    (*–I can’t claim to have made a study of the subject, but the demons in the icon of the Ladder seem to resemble angels, just darkened, I guess from the loss of God’s Energies as Uncreated Light.)

    (BTW, humans don’t become angels when they go to heaven either, ‘just’ Glorified humans, “partaking in the Divine Nature” Energetically. There’s nothing better than that! Angels are a different species than we are. That would be like dogs becoming cats, or elephants becoming antelopes, or something. Sometimes icons of the Holy Prophet, Forerunner, and Baptist John depict him with wings [and a regrown head too!] I believe because of his role as the ultimate Divine Messenger or in Greek, angelos, not because he got a species-change – neither to an actual angel, nor to a head-regrowing alien! [Though Tony Shalhoub *is* an Eastern Christian — Maronite Catholic.])

  1. 1 coasttocoastam

    […] of the ???famous??? Hudson Valley UFOs over Hartsdale, NY, in the ??80s, after returning to my of Discussion On CoastToCoastAM – TonightDefense science writer and photojournalist Mark […]

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