Many have heard of the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies at Cambridge University, with which well-known author Metropolitan KALLISTOS (Ware) of Diokleia has been associated.  But apparently the University of Wales has also just established a Centre for Orthodox Studies, and offers a Master’s degree in Orthodox Studies also.  (I’m linking to the personal profile page of the Centre’s head, Dr. Andreas Andreopoulos because it contains links to the rest.  Actually I’m not familiar with him.)

Yes, it’s true, “academic” things get my attention, with all my overeducation!  But I’m thinking – perhaps mistakenly? – that the taking-up of Orthodox studies by British universities can signal a certain “arrival” in that old education system … one might even say return!


  1. Factotum

    The Institute in Cambridge is no longer offering undergraduate level certificates and diplomas validated by the University of Cambridge. Postgraduate courses are validated by Anglia Ruskin University – which is quite different from the University of Cambridge.

    So far, no announcement has been made by the Institute as to which academic body will validate its undergraduate level courses in the future.

    The Institute remains based in Cambridge, but anyone thinking of studying there needs to understand that he or she will not now gain a qualification from the (ancient) University of Cambridge. If someone wants to do so, he or she will have to apply to the University of Cambridge and join a College of that University in the normal way – and the Institute is not a college of the University.

  2. Leo Peter O'Filon

    Welcome, Factotum, and thanks for the update!

    I was getting the idea that things were in a state of flux there.

    Thanks again.

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