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Just for the record, I don’t necessarily endorse everything on sites I link to for purposes I do endorse.  In fact, some I have serious enough concerns about that I’ll avoid linking to them, let the copyright cops come and get me!  It’s religion we’re dealing with here, after all….


  1. I am wondering if we can find out the official view of the Moscow Patriarchate concerning the escalating incidences of racist attacks in Russia. The main victims of these attacks seem to be Central Asian migrant workers, who perform many of the same kinds of tasks in Russia that migrant workers from “south of the border” perform here in the US-the jobs that “natives” dont want.
    As the MP is extremely vocal in condemning “Naziism” and “Fascism” even today-“resurgent Naziism” was condemned in Estonia because the Estonian government had Soviet era monuments removed; Metropolitan Kirill supposedly send a telegram to President Putin some time ago condeming “Nazis” and “White Guardists” who were the subject of monuments placed in different places in Russia (thesepeople were anti-communists, not “Nazis”!) by the “schismatic karlovstyites;” recent remembrances of the Great Patriotic War have included the obligatory denunciation of “Naziism.”
    Many of the attacks against the migrant workers have been claimed to have done by different modern-day Russian Nazi and Fascist organizations. In one incredibly sickening instance, a video showed the beheading and shooting deaths of two young Central Asians by members of the “Russian National Socialist Party”-the oung men were made to say, “We have been kidnapped by the Russian NationalSocialist Party,” then the one young man was beheaded, then the other was shot to death, with the “bullets to the back of the neck” formula of the Soviet “Security Organs.” Another horrible attack was the beating death of a young woman in fromt of her 8 year old daughter; many attacks have happened in areas where there were quite a few people present, as well as police; the police are said to have compeltely ignored the goings on, and let them occur.
    So-does the MP condemn these attacks officially? The government seems to take the “Soviet” tack, that is, that the attacks are the work of “teenagers” (“hooligans”), and are therefore somehow not worthy of serious attention.

  2. Leo Peter O'Filon

    Welcome again, M. Woerl, and sorry for getting back to you so late, it was unavoidable. But in 2000 the All-Russian Council of Bishops adopted what’s usually called in English The Bases* of the Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church, this edition made available on the website of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship. (OPF’s own internal links need updating as of this writing.) I commend all of chapter II to your consideration in regard to your question. In particular, Section 4 at the very bottom of the linked page says the following:

    …national sentiments can cause such sinful phenomena as aggressive nationalism, xenophobia, national exclusiveness and inter-ethnic enmity. At their extremes, these phenomena often lead to the restriction of the rights of individuals and nations, wars and other manifestations of violence.

    It is contrary to Orthodox ethics to divide nations into the best and the worst and to belittle any ethnic or civic nation. Even more contrary to Orthodoxy are the teachings which put the nation in the place of God or reduce faith to one of the aspects of national self-awareness.

    Opposing these sinful phenomena, the Orthodox Church carries out the mission of reconciliation between hostile nations and their representatives. Thus, in inter-ethnic conflicts, she does not identify herself with any side, except for cases when one of the sides commit evident aggression or injustice.

    High ideals to which we Orthodox of all countries and ethnicities do not always live up, and continually seek forgiveness from God and neighbor.

    As for the internal operations of the Russian Federation’s government, parties, gangs, ethnic groups, and most high government or Church officials, I have no information for you, pro or con. But Russia did suffer unimaginable devastation from Hitler’s Germany – “Nazis / Fascists” – during World War 2.

    (*–ie, plural of Basis)

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