Many Russian and Georgian Orthodox outside Eurasia seem to be refraining from taking sides in the conflict between their two countries in the Caucasus.  The war currently is highlighted on the homepage of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR), including a link to the words of one of their priests calling it “a terrible, fratricidal tragedy provoked by the enemy of our salvation,” ie, the devil.  And the Primate of the historically-Russian, Orthodox Church in America (OCA), Metropolitan HERMAN, wrote in sympathy to both countries’ Patriarchs, and issued a strong statement of concern and prayer regarding the conflict.

While Georgian Orthodox emigres in Western and Central Europe have a diocese of their own, which is part of their homeland’s Patriarchate, Georgians in the U.S. seem to belong to these two Churches’ parishes, and possibly others’.  And as ROCOR pointed out, there are also Ossetian Orthodox in their Church here.


  1. “the Primate of the historically-Russian, Orthodox Church in America (OCA)”

    Do some more due dilligence. The OCA is NOT historically Russian, it is historically Russified. In the East, 60%+ of its non-convert adherents are Gallicians – Rusyns, Ukrainians, Lemkos…

    In the West, the vast majority in places like Alaska are native peoples.

    The OCA is not now, and has not for a long time, been able to be described as “historically Russian”.

  2. Hmm… “asimplesinner” is, charitably speaking, out of their depth. The OCA is, indeed, “historically Russian”, as it was founded by the Holy Governing Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church (in 1917, the Patriarchate of Moscow). The official language of the early Metropolia was standard Russian, and I do urge you to go to NYC and look at St Nick’s at 97th and Mad. Most of the early Metropolia churches were built with money from the privy purse of the tsar, a fact remembered in the parishes involved.

    In short, “asimplesinner” is a tendentious Galician nationalist… I am sorry you have made acquaintance with the breed.

    As for taking sides… most Russians in both the OCA and ROCOR I know of HAVE taken a side, the RUSSIAN side. This is for a simple reason, the Georgians started the war with an intense rocket bombardment of the civilian areas of Tskhinvali. ROCOR neutrality is more caused by the rabid pro-Georgian sentiment to be found in the Anglosphere than anything else. The faithful are, of course, pro-Russian. Herman of the OCA {edited by Moderator} is pandering to the Bushies.

    Stirred the pot? Vova or Saakashvili… no contest! Vova all the way!


  3. Vara is, charitably speaking, one to make overgeneralizations herself, I am sorry you have made an aquaintance with such a breed.

    60%+ of the OCA historic ethnic membership in the rustbelt were ex-Greek Catholics from Galicia who were soundly russified when brought in. There is no nationalism in my making this point – after you leave New York City, start visiting the parishes of Pennsylvania, and looking at the names of the parish rolls and see it for yourself. If I am out of my depth, forgive me if the only deep end I was in, Professor, OCA country where church after church after church in the coal mine and steel mill region were founded by ex-Greek Catholics from Galicia.

    I guess that is what makes me a “tendentious Galician nationalist”?

    Disagree with me? Fine. Feel a need to talk about me in the third person and apologize that people have to suffer knowing my “breed”? Ah what the heck, keep doing just that, see how attractive it is to people looking in.

  4. Leo Peter O'Filon

    Dear Simple Sinner and Varvara,

    As for my “due diligence,” please see the 5th and 6th paragraphs here. Also, due diligence is a legal term, so unless you’re thinking of suing me for libel, SS…! (I don’t think you have standing anyway, not being an OCA member … unless you’ve ‘Doxed recently, in which case, God grant you Many Years!) When I said “historically Russian,” I meant historically associated with Russia. Perhaps I should’ve been clearer, since ethnic and national / country terms have many layers of meaning in English-speaking Orthodoxy and Eastern Catholicism. I could’ve said Russki and Rossiiski, and lost the rest of my audience!! 😉 (Did I get those two words right, V.?) In any case, IIUC parts of the Rusyns’ homelands were at various times part of the Russian Empire.

    To clarify for readers, the OCA claims to have been founded by the MP as a mission “auxiliary see” centered in Alaska in 1796, refounded if you will when St. Innocent was made bishop for it in 1840. It was a diocese in its own right continuously from 1870, soon after the U.S. purchased Russia’s rights regarding Alaska (with favorable input from St. Innocent, with his missionary eyes on the rest of the U.S.) … and at some point after 1920 subdivided into regional dioceses of its own.

    The statement that the MP “soundly Russified” St. Alexis Toth’s fellow-converts is commonly made (as I also hinted in paragraph 5 of the Comment linked just above), although I read somewhere that actually they pursued this on their own initiative, even in some resistance to the MP’s local leadership in America — I infer, to differentiate themselves from their still-Uniate brethren, or perhaps to feel stronger in their newly-refound Orthodoxy in contrast to the Uniate associations with their background (a phenomenon not unknown among other jurisdictions, churches, or faiths, with their converts!). If The Orthodox Herald, a private, unofficial monthly published by a much-beloved OCA Matushka (in this case, priest’s widow), is any indication, they’re much more into their Galician / Lemko / Rusyn / Ruthenian / Carpatho-Russian / Trans-Carpathian roots nowadays. I can even attest personally that they now include Rusyn chant and folk music in their expression.

    Vara, I deleted from your post items that in fact might be libelous against a canonical Orthodox hierarch, and I ask you as your brother in Christ to refrain from such statements or allusions here in the future, since the law is not clear (to me anyway) as to my responsibility for Comments on my blog that I don’t exercise what might be adjudged – rightly or wrongly! – “due diligence” regarding. Thank you.

    Now please everybody, fight nice!

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