If the CBS Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson hasn’t aired in your market yet, or if you have access to the West Coast feed, Melina Kanakaredes (there to plug CSI) spends her whole 7 minutes explaining to Craig about Orthodoxy and how she was part of the delegation that met with the Pope of Rome along with Patriarch BARTHOLOMEW of Constantinople and Greek Orthodox Archbishop DEMETRIOS of America in Rome on June 29 (Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul). You could stay up, or TIVO it, or whatever. For a theoretically-unplanned tangent (“How was your summer?”), it wasn’t bad!

OK, there’s actually at least three Greek Orthodox patriarchs (more depending on how you interpret “Greek”), and none of them “is our pope,” but what, she only had 7 minutes, eh?

Anyway, I’m sitting there with my jaw on the floor, and I think I said out loud (nobody present), “I can’t believe this is happening!  Church History and theology on Ferguson!” She’s the first guest, right after the Prince Charles bit. Enjoy!


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