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Since early November I’ve been finding things offline to do or concern myself with … maybe “de-toxing” after alot of online work involving the U.S. elections (not on this blog, obviously).  In addition, for a while before that I was blogging hit-or-miss, so there are some Comments that I mean to respond to, but haven’t been disciplined enough to go at the task.  It might also have to do with my health problems, sense of time, sleep schedule, etc etc etc.  All of which is just to say I haven’t abandoned this work, just been on kind of semi-hiatus I guess.  Lord willing, as the Governator said, “I’ll be back.”

…is a talk being given in Detroit by an Orthodox deacon, a convert from Catholicism, Saturday evening.  It’s sponsored by that area’s chapter of the Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black, and Detroit’s Council of Orthodox Christian Churches.  Details here (link will eventually break).