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The Vatican now says it abolished the papal title “Patriarch of the West” because the Western Patriarchate has been superceded by the system of national and multinational bishops’ conferences, as the means of organization of the Latin Church. An example of a national bishops’ conference is the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (formerly NCCB). […]

The Pope of Old Rome seems to have dropped the title “Patriarch of the West.” It’s been done without official comment, leaving Vaticanologists – and the rest of us – reading tea-leaves to figure out what, if anything, this action means. Here is the best treatment I’ve seen so far. The reference there to “Western […]

(Take One is here, where I ran off at the mouth for a while!) Patriarch is one possible title for the presiding bishop or primate of a region of The Orthodox Church comprising a number of bishoprics, and/or even a number of smaller such regions.  Currently the other two possible titles are Metropolitan or Archbishop, […]

The blogger from the previous post, Mr. Brooks Lampe in the Washington, DC, area, here tackles some heavy stuff, without it coming across too heavy! He’s reporting and reflecting mostly on a book by Philip Sherrard, whose writing can be extremely dense – well-planned, well-packed, making for downright oppressive reading, like much philosophy can be […]