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UPDATE 27 OCTOBER 2009: GeoCities may or may not be out of business now: I’m still logged on there from a couple hours ago, but can’t access the normal display of any of my websites there.

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13 August 2008

If you have questions about Orthodoxy which I haven’t covered yet, or seek a second or better opinion(!), I encourage you to contact Orthodox clergy, bishops, or institutions in your vicinity.  A great and convenient indication of where most of them are in North America is orthodoxyinamerica.org.  You can also check by jurisdiction, often available through this list.

More traditionally, many Orthodox parishes in North America may be found in the Yellow Pages of the local Telephone Book or yp.yahoo.com (although YP seems to have gotten a bit trickier and more ad-driven since I last visited).*  Yellow Pages church listings categories impacting Orthodox are often a bit strange.  Orthodox parishes may be listed under predictable headings like Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox, or Orthodox Christian, or names of the immigrant communities: especially Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, and Serbian Orthodox, in my in-person experience in several markets in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  But also weirder categories you might not think to look for or under — with or without long dashes or subcategories — such as Orthodox Eastern, Orthodox Catholic, Catholic Orthodox, Eastern Christian, Catholic, Catholic Roman (sic), Byzantine, Eastern Catholic (sic), Catholic Eastern (sic), Greek Catholic (sic), and who knows what else!  So if you don’t find what you’re looking for easily, look more closely under some of the other Churches categories.  (Rarely are they all together under “Orthodox,” even if there is such a heading.)

Sometimes jurisdictional, parish, or institutional websites will explicitly offer to answer questions about Orthodoxy.  If they don’t explicitly, it probably doesn’t hurt to try an appropriate-looking email link, phone number, or snailmail address anyway.  These U.S. jurisdictional pages currently look helpful:

There are many Orthodox Yahoo Groups and similar fora one might approach.  I was active with Yahoo’s diverse Orthodox Convert list, “orthodox-convert,” before I converted, and sometimes found helpful information and correction of information there, and people willing to answer questions and be supportive, even some wise advice (not of the counseling variety, I mean), as well as to debate and fight – a mixed bag.  That was back in ’01-02; I drifted away, so I don’t know what it’s like today.  My experience of one or two other such fora was a similar mixed bag, sometimes as disturbing or perplexing as helpful or profound; such is the internet!  The blogosphere, too.


If you like, you can even post questions about Orthodoxy to the Yahoo GeoCities Guestbook I just opened, and if I can be of help myself, or know of resources to refer you to, I’ll try to do so.  If I can’t, I’ll try to let you know that too.  NB: Questions need to be brief: Yahoo will let you type in the text box way more than it will deliver to me, and I can’t figure out just how much that is, because it doesn’t seem to be a fixed number of characters. 😐

Just be aware that my health and other circumstances may delay my attention to your request.  I’m thinking what I’ll do is handle one post at a time – they’ll all be moderated – and post a response there pointing to the full answer over here, where it’ll be open to Comments as usual.  Remember that I’m not a personal counselor of any kind, so the Guestbook will only be about fact-questions about the Orthodox Faith, in the spirit of the content of this blog itself.  If you’re looking for clergy-type or professional personal religious guidance, let me suggest the parish and jurisdiction searches I discussed above.

(*–I’m not sure how religious phone listings are handled outside North America.)

  1. Dear freinds, Christ is among us! Blessing to you on the beginning of the great and Holy Lent. I wanted to ask for a kind favor of you as to include our website into your links of reference section. We are the first English speaking Amercian Based Orthodox Pilgrim Agency. Our goals are rather humble, but we hope to acquire a bit greater promotion and that will be impossible without collaboration with wonderful and caring faitful as you! May God bless all your word and efforts!
    In Christ God the Savior,
    Fr. Ilya Gotlinsky

  2. Gabriel

    I am confused on the version of the Bible Orthodox use.
    What version do you use? Is it the Septuagint or NKJV? Or combined? Please make it clear and name the true version of the Bible Orthodox use.

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