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Maybe this is self-explanatory in the Blogosphere for those who know what they’re doing, but just a disclaimer that Tabs I use don’t necessarily mean I think they’re relevant to the topic, or ‘endorse’ them, but that somebody else might, and use them for a searching term or something.  Yes, it’s true, I read a few pages about SEO — search-engine optimization — but only a few, so I’ve minimized my Categories and maximized my Tabs!  Call it helpfulness, or call it desperate.  Whatever … no big deal.


Since early November I’ve been finding things offline to do or concern myself with … maybe “de-toxing” after alot of online work involving the U.S. elections (not on this blog, obviously).  In addition, for a while before that I was blogging hit-or-miss, so there are some Comments that I mean to respond to, but haven’t been disciplined enough to go at the task.  It might also have to do with my health problems, sense of time, sleep schedule, etc etc etc.  All of which is just to say I haven’t abandoned this work, just been on kind of semi-hiatus I guess.  Lord willing, as the Governator said, “I’ll be back.”

I’m going to see if this blog can be a little more interactive, allowing for reader initiative instead of just mine.  I also discuss how to find other Orthodox people to ask questions of.  Read all about it!

More Disclaimer

Just for the record, I don’t necessarily endorse everything on sites I link to for purposes I do endorse.  In fact, some I have serious enough concerns about that I’ll avoid linking to them, let the copyright cops come and get me!  It’s religion we’re dealing with here, after all….

No Racism, Please

Comments seeming to display racism or religious bigotry will be deleted when I see them, without further comment.

There’s serious religious critique and questioning, and then there’s bigotry.  You know the difference.

(Please: “Islamosoviet”?  Isn’t that like “jumbo shrimp“?!!)

With the return of Philly’s hot, humid summer, my blog work may be slowed once again, as last year, since my computer or I do not always have the benefit of an air-conditioned or de-humidified environment.  (Summers east of the Rockies exacerbate my IBS, as this young lady also found out about her own, and returned to Seattle – lucky her!!)  Actually I’m now 15 months behind in Eorthodox blogging, which is probably better for us all anyway! 😉  So if it happens again, hopefully I’m not dead – I’m nowhere near ready for Judgement yet! – and it’s nothing personal….


Please don’t Comment profanely in this blog.  I usually intend it to be readable by people of all ages, stages, backgrounds, etc.  That includes web addresses (which I thought weren’t allowed to include profanity?!).  I may sometimes allow myself mild liberty in this area, to make a point about something, and hope I will remember if I do to warn about it in case someone might be offended or thrown off.  But not Commenters!

Thank you, and Blessed Pentecost coming up!

Christos voskrese!  Voistinu voskrese!

FYI, I’m treating as spam, Comments submitted that, when you try to close the new window I usually view them in, 3 or 4 more pop up, in spite of popup blockers.  They seem to have different domains, so I can only tell by trying.  If you’re sincere, please stop the popups.  If you’re just selling something, we’re not buying!