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According to a university in Russia (via the Patriarchate there).

I once read that they don’t plan to hold separate glorification (“canonization”) services for each of the – by some estimates – 60 million martyrs and confessors who suffered and died under Bolshevism, obviously.  But they do want to compile as much individual information and testimony as they can, rather than just do a ‘clump’ glorification without striving for details about what actually happened for the Faith.

As the news brief notes, for at least a decade it seems the number of reopened churches there has roughly kept pace with the number of compiled martyrs and sufferers – almost as if each reopened church has a second patron saint in heaven now watching over it!  (I believe that by “acting churches” they mean “active churches,” ie, reopened after being shut by the Communists.)

NB: IIUC, “Confessors” didn’t necessarily die for the Faith, but were persecuted, tortured, imprisoned, etc.  It doesn’t mean priests who hear confessions … or rather, not only them!