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This is common and EXTREMELY IMPORTANT ADVICE for Orthodox, seemingly paradoxical considering all the talk about Uncreated Light, angels, theophanies, visions, etc.  “Even the devil can appear as an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14).  We’re even supposed to avoid visualization-meditation of any kind, which he can make use of.  And if we do see some apparition, we’re not to trust it or obey it, but consult our spiritual parent or priest or bishop.  This is not the same as Western skepticism toward “private revelation” or needing to get “ecclesiastical approval.”  It’s checking your experience with someone who traditionally knew from his or her own confirmed experiences and Divine Gift how to “discern spirits.”  The reason for this is how easily we can delude ourselves regarding spiritual things, in severe form known by the Slavonic word prelest, in Greek plani.  And it’s dangerous because we can be spiritually mis-led and imperil our salvation.  Holy Tradition is full of stories of the greatest Saints and Fathers of the Church who were temporarily deceived or even deluded.

All we do, then, is struggle with life on the Orthodox Way, in The Orthodox Church if available, aided by God’s Energies and an Orthodox spiritual parent.  Purification, period.  Illumination and Glorification / Theosis are in God’s hands and Mercy and Love.

If that doesn’t sound like much, remember this(!), and the great Saint or Father who, as he lay dying in the Monastery, had his brethren around him.  They saw his lips moving, though they couldn’t hear what he was saying, so they asked him.  He said he was seeing an angel, and asking for more time to repent.  They were incredulous: ‘If anyone has purified himself of all his sins and readied himself for God’s Glory, it’s you.’  But he countered, “I’m not sure I have even begun to repent.”  This isn’t “poor self-image;” even my Latin novice-master told us, “The closer you get to the sun, the more cobwebs you see.”  Hence Orthodox prayer asks God ‘merely’ to help us “make a good start.”

As an old science and science-fiction fan and occasional listener to Coast-to-Coast AM and viewer of The X-Files – for years I even thought I had seen one of the “famous” Hudson Valley UFOs over Hartsdale, NY, in the ’80s, after returning to my office at WFAS Radio from covering a local town council meeting one night – I was intrigued to read this Orthodox allegation that “space aliens” are nothing more – or less – than devils.  I came across a similar article a few years ago that detailed more than Fr. Alexey does that some of the tortures reported by “alien abductees” are alot like those from Orthodox spiritual literature going way back, even including the sexual or reproductive weirdness.  Apparently one can find numerous modern Orthodox essays on this topic on the WWW now … most extemely spooky and intimidating … way beyond the common “conservative” allegation that it’s funny how aliens always seem to be quasi-Buddhists or New Agers leading people away from traditional Christianity.

I don’t know what to make of it, so I just report it here for what it’s worth.  Caution is to be encouraged.  The ancient Fathers and Mothers of the Orthodox Church are to be mostly trusted.

It *is* said in parts of ‘the UFO community’ that UFOs don’t appear to people who believe they exist, only to skeptics.  What purpose would a relatively simple belief in aliens – not reverence or deference or following “New Age” or anything – serve the evil one?  Not that I wanna find out!!!  These experiences seem to be powerful temptations and/or victimizations.

Of course, God allows evil that good may come from it – but that’s no guarantee that we weak, myopic humans will succeed in bringing that good, or that God doing so Himself will be accepted by us!  So, don’t mess with non-Orthodox “spiritual” or potentially-spiritual stuff, eh!  The devil has even fooled Fathers of the Church, “appearing as an angel of light”!

Is there anything wrong with just enjoying good sci-fi though?  I hope not.  But I don’t know what I’m talking about!

First of all, although Nikita ends with an ‘a’, it’s a male name, the Russian version of Nicetas. Hence Nikita Krushchev, St. Nikita the Goth, etc. Several other Russian male names end with ‘a.’

More importantly, this guy’s life presents quite a lesson for those of us who struggle with pride! Never give up too much prayer in favor of ‘study,’ nor ‘bite off more than you can chew’!