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(And no, this late posting isn’t an example of it; I just read the story in my local newspaper at this late hour!)

February 29, 2100, will not exist on the Gregorian Calendar or the Orthodox New Calendar (aka Revised Julian Calendar), but will on the Orthodox Old Calendar.  Every four years is a Leap Year in the OC no matter what.  So on March 14, 2100 (NS), the Gregorian and NC will run ahead of the OC by one more day, adding up to an even two weeks – 14 days.  Making OC Orthodox lives 1,000 times easier, ISTM: Instead of constantly having to subtract 13 from the ‘common’ date, they’ll be able to just move their finger up two weeks on their wall/desk/Palm calendars!  (Though it’s said many on the OC are pretty good at the subtraction, even across two months!)  And it happens on 3/14 because that’s when the OC will have a date the NC didn’t have.  Got it?  And Old Calendar Christmas, the Nativity of the Lord, will then move to January 8 (NS).

February 29, 2800, will not exist on the Orthodox New Calendar, but will on the OC and Gregorian.  At that point, the Gregorian will be 20 days ahead of OC because the OC will have had 6 more leap years since 2100.  But also, the NC will run ahead of Gregorian by one day: For the Gregorian, the day after Feb. 28 will be Feb. 29, but for the NC, it’ll be March 1!  So then the NC will be an even 3 weeks ahead of the OC.

(It’s late, so if I’ve screwed this up, someone please let me know, OK?)