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This I haven’t seen or read, because it’s not out yet, but should be interesting.  I’ve heard of funder the Farah Foundation, and Fr. McGuckin, an Orthodox writer and church historian … but I don’t know a whole lot about either the Foundation or Father.  “Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer”: Is that like the old A&E’s Mysteries of the Bible ? 😉   Could we look for a cable series?

So, I guess at this point this is just an FYI.

…available here!

Hey, check out the latest in the ongoing production of what may indeed be shaping-up as an “epic motion picture” as Hollywood says, the biopic of the REAL St. Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra in Asia Minor, VERY Orthodox Father of the First Ecumenical Synod (at Nicea), Miracle-worker, philanthropist, defender of teens’ chasteness, rescuer of the storm-tossed, etc etc etc! Here’s the main page, click through till you see “Updates,” and go there. (The website has two versions, so I won’t prejudge which “Updates” link you’ll want to follow.)

Recent highlights include a mini web-documentary, and a moving photo-montage with new music from the sountrack.

This was my first post on it, and this was my second. I just hope I won’t have to shuffle up to Buffalo from Philly to see it – hoping for Xmas ’08 – lake-effect snow and everything!!!