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has a website!  They’re an Orthodox, largely-African-American fellowship with a mission:

“The Brotherhood of St Moses the Black is a pan-Orthodox nonprofit organization. Its mission is to minister to Americans the gift of Orthodoxy. In an effort to be good stewards of the manifold grace of God (I Peter 4:10), the organization presents an annual conference that targets those who have little exposure to Orthodoxy as well as the African roots of Orthodoxy. Its vision is to bring Americans closer to Jesus Christ.”

PS: Calling dark-skinned Africans “Blacks” goes back to ancient Greek times apparently.  St. Moses is also known as “St. Moses the Ethiopian.”

PPS: Although they use the common term Brotherhood, they also have women members.

PPPS: It’s not a religious order; it seems to have clergy, monastics, and laity involved, and to be led by a priest and a laywoman.